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Have you ever felt as though you were being watched? Have you felt an involuntary shudder that you couldn’t explain? Have you ever wondered if you could make contact with those who have passed on?

During the Victorian Period, sťances became all the rage. They often provided the evening entertainment. Paul Prater will recreate one of these exciting events for your group. The old Victorian seances were a little slow, so Paul has reworked theses into an interactive and engaging evening for your entire group.

How about a ghost tour? Paul can lead your group on an interactive walk, while telling you the history of locations that are reputed to be haunted. Will you experience the presence of the spirits?

In a fun and entertaining evening you will hear and see and touch pieces from history. You will help piece together a mystery in these interactive shows. You can see how intuitive you are as you take part in tests and experiments. Maybe we will have answers to our questions. Maybe you will reach the other side?

You don't have to wait for Halloween to experience the spooky and the spirits.

Stop hunting for ghosts and come experience them!

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